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Risk2Value Ltd. was established in July 2004 to manage the University of Sheffield's insurance and risk management programme and to offer professional insurance broker and risk management services to other universities and the wider education community.

The idea of having an insurance broking firm attached to a university came about as a result of:

   The education sector having experienced a three year period of unprecedented insurance premium increases creating a determination from within to be able to exact greater control over pricing and market conditions.

   A desire to influence the insurance market to offer bespoke solutions to benefit the sector.

   Recognising  there is a need for a provider with sector specific expertise that can deliver cost effective insurance protection in areas such as Medical Malpractice and Clinical Trials; protection of Intellectual Property, PFI/PPP and other Construction contracts and University Spin Out Companies.

Risk2Value is tasked by its parent university with identifying and developing solutions to insurance and risk related problems. If you have a problem or an issue you would like to discuss please challenge us. We may be able to devise a solution, suggest a different approach or at the very least provide you with an alternative opinion.



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