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By adopting a menu-style approach, we can offer real value in terms of support services relating to insurance issues. The following are some of the services Risk2Value can deliver:




Undertaking a thorough investigation of your existing
insurance programme we identify strengths and weaknesses.


Procurement and Contract Tendering

Assisting you in tendering for insurance and risk related services by preparing documentation and participating alongside you throughout the selection process.

This is a wide-ranging service and includes preparation of comprehensive insurance market presentation pack, to ensure the best response to your tender.


Programme Design

Designing the optimum insurance and risk  programme to meet your needs, ensuring that the protection provided by your insurance policies and self-funded arrangements and always relevant.


Captive Solutions

Investigating the benefits of captive formation for groups of colleges and facilitating participation in joint ventures.


Account Management

Delivering a full insurance broking service and managing your account or by supporting you own staff by providing a bespoke service.


Claims Management

Providing advice and support on all claims issues including on-going analysis of claims data and relating data back to the college's risk register.


Construction projects due diligence

Undertaking insurance due diligence, working alongside your professional advisers to reduce project insurance costs.



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