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The purchase of insurance does not sit comfortably within a rigid procurement process because there are so many variables and no individual insurer provides the same cover with the same terms.  Purchasing insurance is very different to buying IT equipment or contracting for catering services.  It is sometimes easy to allow the issue of compliance to supersede the real aim of the tender exercise, which must be to achieve the best insurance protection at the most competitive cost.


The market for insurance of education risks is restricted and it is essential that your tender ‘catches the eye’ of prospective underwriters.  To do this, you need to achieve a subtle blend between flexibility in the tender specification but strict adherence to the requirements of procurement procedures.


Preparing a comprehensive description of your risk profile will enhance the quality of the final tender document that is presented to would-be insurers.  It should include information about:



Physical risk


Claims data and analysis


Insured values


Financial data




Attitude to risk


Current risk management practice


Insurance cover specification (with variables)


Starting the process early is essential, to ensure that you can meet your own timetable and, as importantly, avoid a last minute rush into the insurance market.  We will formulate and agree a strict timetable to manage the process and assist in the issue of relevant notices announcing the tender.


We can assist at whatever level you feel is appropriate.  Much of the work may already have been completed if we have carried out a cover audit and programme design project.


Our responsibility is to sit alongside you through the process, up to and including final selection and acceptance of tenders.





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