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By their very nature, educational institutions present a complex risk profile and it is critical that your insurance programme is designed to protect all aspects of your activities.  Put simply, risk can be divided into three main categories:


Physical – all of your property, including buildings and contents, sports facilities, IT systems, collections and works of art, libraries, and other property you own or for which you need to arrange insurance cover, wherever it may be located.  We will complete an assessment through visiting locations and interviewing your staff, to provide a clear picture of your physical risks. 


Human – you have varying responsibilities to your own staff, your student body and visitors to your institution.  We look at the practices you have in place to protect the health and safety of employees, your students and the general public.  This will include the management of ‘academic risk’ – the way in which you control and monitor the delivery of teaching to your students.


Financial – the potential loss you may face following an incident that disrupts the delivery of services to your students or any other party.  We will also assess the plans you have in place to ensure continuity of service.


After the initial stage is completed, we move on to:

·        Analyse claims data and audit outstanding claims reserves to:

·         identify any claims trends

·         ensure that claims reserves are kept to an absolute minimum

·         feed data back into your Risk Register

·        Assess your appetite and capacity to retain risk internally so that we can give advice about suggested levels of self-insurance (see also Captive Solutions)

When the assessment process is complete, we will work with you to design an insurance programme that fits your individual risk profile.  The data we collect will form an important part of the information provided in your tender document.


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