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Our view is that the delivery of an insurance broking and account management service should be designed to support the resource and expertise available in each individual institution.  Our overall aim is to:

·      Introduce you to underwriters and create a solid working relationship

·      Create a structured approach to your insurance renewal, complying with procurement rules

·      Achieving the best in terms of cover and cost

·      And, most importantly, be available and responsive and provide professional service and advice at all times


There is no point in duplicating the work that can be carried out by your own staff.  We therefore provide a ‘menu’ of services that will complement your resources.


Service Contract 

The services we provide will be agreed with you in a Service Contract that will define our joint responsibilities. It will include:

·      Delivery of instructions to insurers

·      Response times to your enquiries

·      Issue of documentation (certificates, cover notes and policies)

·      Preparation and updating of Insurance Summary

·      Timing of review meetings on insurance and risk management issues

·      Monitoring and review of insurance programme to reflect change in risk

·      Pre-renewal strategy meetings


Renewal process including management of procurement procedures 















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